Regular Features

•Fast drawing times

•Accurate likenesses

•Bright, attractive display

•Marking pen, or brush & ink

•Quality artist's paper

•Specialty — 2 people
     in one picture

•Custom promotional signs

•Complimentary protective
     packaging with each sketch


•Caricatures or portraits

•Full-color, or black & white

•Pre-printed company logos

•Pre-printed cartoon situations

            & backgrounds

•Photography services

•Cartoons from photos

•Mats & frames

•Additional artists & performers

•Travel to events in and around
   SF Bay area (and most of
   Southern California)

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        reserve specific dates:
         Call 24 Hours

415 / 824-1549

Portrait-quality caricature sketches are fun to watch and make great souvenirs of your party or other special event.

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